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generative music game

Mar. 10th, 2010 | 10:52 am

If you have a mac... try it out!  Let me know what you think.  If you have a PC, you can still play it, but it might not sound quite as good.  (it still works, though).

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Just an idea - step philosophy

Jan. 28th, 2010 | 08:37 pm
location: library

Every decision you make is a step in a certain direction, a small progression towards some larger end.

There are things that can be derived (inferred?) from this:

1) No decision is meaningless

2) Wherever you currently are in life is, IN PART, a result of the summation of every decision you have made up until that point. You can at least say that your current position has been influenced by every decision you've ever made.

3) If you wish to get somewhere, it is realistically going to be obtained through many many small decisions rather than one large one.

To elaborate on #3... perhaps the goal in a change of lifestyle is to integrate these "individual decisions" into your "natural course"--so then they might not even seem to be "decisions."

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Oct. 16th, 2009 | 04:59 am

Getting over the flu and awake at 5AM.  Smoking tonight made my mind race, as it often does, and into realizations.
Emotion is what you experience, strong emotion, when something more powerful than you can comprehend is channeled through you.  Like the flow of electricity through 2 points, the medium that it is channeled through experiences a powerful current that came external to itself, a current that VIOLENTLY SHAKES it.  You, I, the experiencer of emotion, are the medium.

That is why you, why I MUST create.  While i exist in this world as a medium,  I have to output as much of  this channel as I can--widen the stream large enough--this is done through discipline (habit forming, practice of technique, etc)

Language does help, it is helping right now in writing this down, but in saying "create" I mean to attempt to make a mold of what you're feeling, making something entirely out of nothing.  Is language even that: "creating something out of nothing"?  I don't know that I have seen it or felt it that way before.  But then again I never really got into poetry at all, SHIT

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o hi

Sep. 29th, 2009 | 02:42 pm
location: work
mood: calmcalm

Been a while since I've posted anything here....what up?

I spent like the entire weekend programming with a friend, trying to get stuff together for GDC 2010. If you've ever played electroplankton on the DS, thats sort of the closest game I can think of for what we're trying to make. Interactive/generative music.

This is all just really basic concepts/prototypes for the game but here's an idea of what we have so far.

On an unrelated note, school is starting today and I'm....well its hard to put how I feel. I can't honestly say that I'm excited about it, but its the right place for me to be, and that is good.

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Apr. 27th, 2009 | 06:53 pm

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@ GDC 2009

Mar. 27th, 2009 | 01:35 am

Scott, hopefully you will appreciate this!

I met Keita Takahashi (Katamari Damacy) today after an amazing talk he gave, and he custom autographed my macbook!

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Rebuilding my library

Jul. 25th, 2008 | 08:37 am
location: work

So since the pins broke off of my 300GB sATA drive, my 160GB IDE drive failed on my last week, and apple reformatted the harddrive in my laptop after specifically saying they wouldn't, I have officially lost ALL of my music.

Thanks to tasty breakfast food websites, I don't imagine it will be impossible to recover everything I had, but.... it's still a pain.

I streamed my consciousness into a list of artists I need to recoverCollapse )

I'm sure I left out alot of good stuff that I had. Help me! What else belongs here?

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Jan. 29th, 2008 | 09:56 am
location: class
mood: holy shit

I made some new progress last night on lucid dreaming.Collapse )

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New experience

Nov. 29th, 2007 | 04:44 am

This is pretty awesome, and was most likely a result of my dream training that i've been doing by keeping a journal of every dream or nightmare that i have.

Earlier tonight I had what wikipedia refers to as a wake-induced lucid dream.  In other words, I went from a waking state to a sleeping state with absolutely no lapse in consciousness.  I closed my eyes and slowly fell into a dream...it was indescribably weird.  I got so excited when i realized what had happened that i immediately woke myself back up.  Oh well it was cool.

And really fucking .. weird

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Nov. 13th, 2007 | 01:00 pm

I accidently placebo'd myself.

I had been drinking coffee from this ziploc bag of coffee grounds that my mom gave to me a while back.  I had it like every morning for 2 weeks and it was REALLY helping me get up in the morning ( i was having very clear physical effects from it )

Today I went home to get more from the same bag, only to find it had a giant red label on the front that said DECAF

Fucking crazy.    

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